Future Bhubaneswar School (FBS)

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Admission Procedure | Rules and Regulations

Parents/Guardians seeking admission of their child/ward should first obtain Application form and Prospectus from the School on payment of Rs.500/- and go through them carefully. Being satisfied they may submit fully furnished application for admission along with Birth Certificate in original, Transfer Certificate and three copies of the recent passport size photograph of the child. On receipt of the application, a date will be given for entrance test.

Admission to Play School Std. IX is strictly on first come first admitted basis. Transfer certificate of recognized schools by the Government of Odisha or Transfer Certificates from States other than Odisha countersigned by the authorized educational heads only shall be accepted. Parents should take care to fill up the Admission Form and ensure correct entries to avoid future embarrassments. Date of birth once recorded can not be changed under any circumstances.

Who are eligible for admission ?

Admission is open to all Indian citizens, irrespective of caste, creed, language, region or financial status. Admission is strictly on first come, first admitted basis. Age is an important factor for admission. The age-groups of the students for admission are the following. Play School - 2+, Nursery - 2.6 +, LKG - 3+, UKG - 4+, Class I - 5+ so on as on the 1st April of the year in the reckoning.

The Documents Required During Admission

From Nursery to Class I

From Class II to IX

ADMISSION FORM (Download Form)


One month's notice or one month's fee in lieu thereof shall be paid before withdrawal of a student, in case of transfer certificates, parents/guardians should apply one week before and clear all outstanding dues, including transfer certificate processing charges. The TC will be issued on verification of records. In case of misconduct or misdemeanor unbecoming of a student, compulsory TC shall be issued to the concerned pupil. 


Students will not be allowed to sit for any of the examinations unless all the dues of the school are paid up-to-date.

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