: 7381618111/7381619111        FBS Sambalpur   Admission 2022-23


THE SCHOOL: FBS is yet another dream project of the Silicon Institute of Technology, a class by itself, to accomplish the mission of making quality education affordable in the state of Orissa and to respond to the ever-growing educational needs of the Temple City of Bhubaneswar, soaked in legends.

LOCATION: FBS is situated in a serene and pollution-free environment with lush verdure hills as the backdrop and away from the din and fast flowing vehicular traffic of the city. The school offers a congenial ambience to pursue academic excellence. The campus is advantageously located in the institutional area (Chandaka Industrial Estate of IDCO, Government of Orissa) of the capital city in neighborhood of the Infosys, TCS, Silicon Institute of Technology and many other educational institutions.

BOARD/SYLLABUS: FBS is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. School follows a syllabus and curriculum of the recent National Curriculum Framework 2005 prescribed by the NCERT and Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

SCHOOL TIMING: 8:00 / 9 :00 A.M to 12:40 / 2:25 P.M.

SALIENT FEATURES The school aims to prepare its pupils to meet the emerging challenges with skill and confidence. Educational programmes, curriculum, supporting activities of the school and time management have been designed keeping these factors in mind. These help the children to become achievers of excellence:

  • A veritable five days a week day- boarding school, a notch above the rest in the temple city
  • Two days left to the child to pursue his/her hobby or chisel or whet other skills at leisure and latitude
  • Flexible drop -in and pick-up timings to suit working parents
  • Warm-up sessions including prayer, morning assembly, yoga etc. before routine academic sessions
  • Stress on interactive, participative and integrated learning, doing away with cumbersome school bags and boring homework
  • Personalized attention to the taught
  • Highest duration of pupil-teacher contact in school and the best pupil-teacher ratio to impart customized learning
  • Child centered and balanced curriculum
  • Provision for one hour rest / siesta at school to siphon off academic pressure
  • Availability of uniform, text books, stationery and other academic related materials in the campus
  • Constant monitoring of health and regular medical examination of the children by experts
  • SMS services to parents to keep them updated
  • Fine-tuning of scientific temperament of the students
  • Assessment of the child throughout the year with a variety of assessment tools for continuous evaluation of progress
  • Inculcation of spirit of healthy competition, teamwork and co-operation
  • Pollution free atmosphere with idyllic surroundings
  • Slew of co-curricular activities including dance, music, yoga, swimming, horse riding etc.
  • Committed tribe of experienced and efficient faculty
  • Value for money and affordability
  • Home-made food, hygienic kitchen and dining halls
  • Inviting play grounds for football, volleyball, badminton, Kho kho, Kabbadi and cricket


An efficiently operated, cushy fleet of transport system on all important routes within a radius of 10kms makes the school accessible from all the corners of the Temple City. Conveyance charges are fixed. This facility is optional for the students. Transport will be provided on request.

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children reach the pick-up points well in time.
  • Similarly parents are to make sure that they pick-up their children at the notified time from the specified bus stop failing which the child will be taken back to the school office. Once returned to school, the parents are responsible for picking their ward on their own. Any person other than the parents has to be properly authorized.
  • Any change of route is not to be entertained unless it is essential.
  • In case of any problems regarding buses, the transport in-charge may be contacted.
  • Buses may reach the pick-up point 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later. School buses are managed with utmost care but school takes no responsibility for any mishap in transit.


Well-stacked library with a vast number of books on various subjects helps the children to widen their intellectual horizon. Books being the best companions, pupils can be in the company of books during their leisure hours.


There is a general library in the school. Students from standard I to IX can read books in the library during the library period with the permission of the concerned teacher. Students from Standard V are allowed to borrow books which they should return within seven days.

  • Silence is a must in the library.
  • Books issued are to be properly cared and returned within seven days of the date of issue.
  • A fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged after the due date, if the book is not returned.
  • If the date of return happens to be a holiday, the books should be returned on the next working day.
  • Absence is not an excuse for delay in returning of the book.
  • In case of loss or damage of books, double the cost of the book will be exacted from the borrower.
  • Any sort of marking on the book is strongly forbidden and violation in this regard will be fined.
  • The borrower should examine the books carefully at the time of issue of books and report to the librarian if there is any mark or damage.


State-of-the- art computer lab opens for the children limitless options to enhance their learning process. Computers have become inevitable part of life. Information regarding anything is at their finger tips today, courtesy computers.


Playgrounds include football field, volleyball court, badminton court, khokho court and kabbadi court. Play grounds are extension of class rooms. Sports and games have sobering and soothing effect. Healthy minds dwell in healthy bodies. Therefore, FBS leaves no stone unturned to encourage sports and games.


The school has unique infrastructure and facilities. FBS has architecturally sound and earthquake proof buildings and well-laid roads. The campus has beautiful lawns and gardens. The school envisions to have three distinct sections viz. academic, physical education and boarding.


"Child-centered" pedagogy means giving primacy to children's experiences, their voices, and their active participation. This requires that the basic needs in terms of adequate nutrition, physical exercise and other psychological requirements be addressed. Periodic height, weight and medical check-up of the students are part of the health assessment.


Keeping in view the academic challenges and the challenged learners, facility for extra coaching is made available